Tuesday, 16 June 2015


The past six months have probably been the most eventful ones of my not so long life. Literally, there have been ups of the greatest moments and downs of complete and utter swamps of shit. But looking back I probably wouldn't change it (cringe worthy) for anything.

Within the second half of this year I'll be starting my new course in art and design, which is a relief as I've been attempting to persuade the universe for an eternity that it is the right path for me. I'm actually going abroad to a hot country (South of Spain to be precise) for the first time in 12 years with my best friend which I'm completely ecstatic about. It should include swimming pools, wine, sun, wine, cheese, wine, wine, the sea, sand, wine, a tan and wine. Sounds like a dream. The birth giver has persuaded me to go to a festival with her and her friends, but it includes Laura Marling, Bombay Bicycle Club, Lucy Rose, Rae Morris, Crystal Fighters (grl pwr) and free cider so it wasn't a hard decision.

But at the grand old age of 19 and with my immense amount of wisdom, heres to the next six months. Chin Chin.

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